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Purchasing process

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The Seller will send an e-mail with the order form as confirmation and conclusion of the contract.

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During the purchase process, an account will be created on the Site, from which the customer will be able to view the details of their order, change their login details, etc. and access the content of the courses they have purchased.

RiC offers two types of online course:

– digital course format (videos, audio and PDF files and interactive exercises on the RiC platform)

– online courses by videoconference with teacher.

1. Purchase process for online courses in digital format

With the purchase of an online course in digital format, the user will be able to enjoy this product for life. However, if this product were to be eliminated or replaced by another, or if the sales model for RiC products were to change, for example to a subscription model with a price to be paid each month in order to benefit from the products, or if RiC website were to disappear, the customer would only be able to continue to benefit from his product if he asked RiC to send him a link so that he could download his product (a very similar, downloadable version) onto a computer.

Access to the content of the online courses in digital format requires an Internet connection to be used in its entirety, but customers will be able to enjoy documents in PDF format and audio files without being connected to the Internet if they have previously downloaded these PDF or audio files.

The platform may experience temporary errors due, for example, to interruptions in the internet connection or other malfunctions beyond the control of the Seller. The Seller undertakes to do its utmost to ensure that the platform operates correctly but is not held responsible or obliged to compensate the user for these temporary malfunctions.

The Seller may not process order forms if it does not have sufficient guarantees of solvency, if the guarantees are incomplete or inaccurate or if the products are unavailable for downloading.

2. Purchase process and terms and conditions of sale for online courses

We currently offer online digital course.

a. Conditions for booking courses.

To take part in the courses, you need to book your place.

b. Refund conditions and right of withdrawal

To exercise your right of withdrawal, simply send us an email using the contact form HERE.

c. Duration, hours and levels of intensive digital learning courses with teacher

The duration of these courses is depending on the booking.

d. Course material

Working material is generally provided in the form of PDF files.

e. Assessment and diploma

At the end of the course, a diploma will be awarded if the skills have been acquired.

5. Payment and refund policy.

Courses are payable in advance in a single payment.

 To exercise your right of withdrawal, simply send us an email using the contact form HERE.

6. Course data and access to the RiC platform

Once the course has been finalised, the student’s data on the course (test results, correction of essays, etc.) and access to the course will be removed.

Students can keep the teaching material if they have downloaded it beforehand.

Sales prices and electronic invoicing.

Unless otherwise indicated, all prices for products and services are excluding tax. RiC are exempt from VAT.

Prices will always be valid as indicated on the website when the order is placed. The prices of products and services may change without prior notice. Consequently, the customer must check the sale price before validating and sending the corresponding order form.

Although the Seller endeavours to ensure that the prices indicated on the Website are correct at all times, errors may occur. The Seller reserves the right, if it detects an error in the prices of the order placed, to be able to send an e-mail to the customer who placed the order informing them of the error and in any case offering them the opportunity to reconfirm the order at the correct price or to cancel it. If the Seller is unable to contact the customer, it will be understood that the order is cancelled and that the customer will be reimbursed in full for the sums paid.

The prices of the products and services shown on the website and on the order form may change at any time, but (apart from the above) any changes will not affect orders for which the Seller has already sent confirmation.

The customer accepts the electronic invoice received by e-mail as the form of delivery. The customer may revoke this method of invoicing by notifying the address indicated in our contact details.

Payment methods

To pay for products and services, the customer may choose one of the methods indicated in the purchase process on the website.

In general, and unless they do not appear in the purchase process, the methods of payment offered by the Seller are :

  • Paypal service. For more information, click here.

Customer service

You can contact us or request more information about our products or purchasing processes by e-mail, as indicated in our identification data in point 1, or by using our contact form.

Right of withdrawal

1 Right of withdrawal for “digital” courses and courses with teacher

By virtue of article 103 on the defence and rights of consumers and users, there will be no right of withdrawal and the customer declares that he has been informed of this exception and that he accepts this exception in contracts concerning digital content other than on a physical medium if performance has begun with the prior express consent of the consumer and he has been informed that as a result he loses his right of withdrawal.

If the customer has purchased one of the products or services on the website listed above as an exception to the general rule, such as our online courses in digital format, they will not be able to exercise their right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned article 103 of the LDDCU.

Refund policy for courses with a teacher:

The Seller does not offer refunds for courses at RiC (courses with teacher). Once the right of withdrawal period has passed, no refunds are possible, even if the student has not attended the course.

Intellectual property

The contents of the website, such as texts, photos, graphics and source code, are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

This content may not, among other things, be reproduced or transformed without the seller’s express prior authorisation.

Common standards for the use of the website.

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  • Not to publish any commercial communications via the website.
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  • Do not disturb, intimidate or harass another user.
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The Seller may remove any content or suspend the service if, in its opinion, it fails to comply with any of the standards and obligations detailed in these conditions.

For any consultation or clarification concerning these Community standards or these terms and conditions, you can contact us by e-mail.

Limitation of liability

The Seller accepts no responsibility if the product is not delivered because the customer has provided false or inaccurate information, or for reasons beyond the Seller’s control.

The Seller accepts no responsibility for the content or operation of third party websites which the user may access via any type of link.

Changes and updates

The Seller reserves the right to revise, adapt and modify these Conditions of Sale at any time. Consequently, the customer will be asked to accept in full the Conditions of Sale in force at the time of purchase. The new Conditions of Sale will be valid from the date of their publication on the website for orders placed from that date, without prejudice to any law or government decision obliging the website to make retroactive changes to the said Conditions of Sale.

Applicable legislation, resolution of disputes and competent law

Use of the website and contracts for the purchase of products through this website will be governed by german law.

The European Commission is making an online dispute resolution platform available to all consumers, which you can access via the following link: http: // Consumers can submit their complaints via this online dispute resolution platform.

In any case, where applicable, any controversy arising from or related to the use of the website or to distance contracts with other companies in relation to the use of this website, will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts corresponding to the municipality of the Seller’s registered office (germany), unless the regulations in force establish a separate compulsory law.